P ennsylvania G un O wners A ssociation


Our group was notified this AM of the passing, Sunday Night, the 27th of April, 2014, of Edward Daniel Fegert, a former Treasurer of the P.G.O.A., who will be sorely missed. Ed was a Patriot and true follower of the ideals of our Founding Fathers. Ed saw through what is happening to his Country, and it justifiably concerned him immensely. His research and insight shall be cherished and missed, and should be respected by the rest of us. May God Bless the Soul of this fine American and friend. Heaven just gained a great one! Friends may pay their respects this evening, Wednesday, April 30, 2014, from 6:00PM til 8:00PM at the Rupert Funeral Home in Knox, PA, Clarion County. 

Everyone, please utilize the following link ASAP.  Thanks!


The Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association. SGOC License #2170

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM: Click on these blue words, and tears will come..... And this my friends is the way it should be sung..........

2013 Slate of P.G.O.A Officers:

President:................. Jerry Woods

Vice President:.........  Bob Hartzell

Secretary:.................  Barb Songer

Treasurer:................   Bob Clark/Stan Switzer

Sergeants at Arms:....  Morgie Jones


Board of Directors:...   C.W. Elliott

                                        Dan Lynch

                                        Berlie Etzel

                                        Stan Switzer

                                        Robert Delo

                                        Ruth Delo

                                        Jerry Woods

                                        Bob Ream

                                        Harry Truax

                                        Ed Fegert

                                        Bob Hartzell

                                        Morgan "Morgie" Jones

                                        Scotty Bell

New Committee Chairs:  TBA



By Laws:.................... 

Public Relations:....... 

Meetings and Activities:  Robert Delo/Ruth Delo/ and Full Membership


Well, the POTUS is tightening hisa dictatorship noose tighter and tighter, threatening to "Executive Order" us to extinction as a Republic, and getting ever-so-closer to taking our Liberties completely away, most recently mounting a campaign (by use of his Vice-Stooge, Biden) to take away our 2nd Amendment rights, as soon as he can.  You would think, after he has made so many Executive Orders, at least one of them would have been knocked down by The Legislative, or Judicial Branches.  Well, maybe if he does one about our 2nd Amendment Rights, it will be an impeachable one.  We can hope.......

Do not forget:  The PA Castle Doctrine is law.  You now have the right to defend yourself in any public place you are allowed to be, as well as in your home, with LETHAL FORCE!  Get your carry permit , purchase and learn how to use your firearm, and carry it quietly, until your life is threatened.  Then, DEFEND YOURSELF!!!!!



Gerry Woods, President

P.O. Box 187

Clarion, PA. 16214


Our organization is one of a group of law-abiding, concerned citizens, advocating the basic rights and freedoms as outlined by The Constitution of The United States, and The Constitution of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We support and will defend all these freedoms and rights, and particularly support the letter of the law as it pertains to the Second Amendment.  Our organization meets every second Thursday Night at 7:00 PM at the Knox Volunteer Fire Social Hall, and is a well known supporter of our surrounding community and participates in many area functions/ceremonies.  Membership costs $5.00 annually for an adult, $2.50 for members under 16 years of age, with an option for members to join both our organization and the Gun Owners of America (GOA) for one fee of $15.00.  Any membership includes your receiving our monthy newsletter offering very informative writings regarding potential infringements of Americans' Rights, as well as humor and interesting sale ads.  Please join us at our forum page at www.pgoa.proboards57.com  and on our lastest venture, the Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association  Facebook page as well.  A special "kudo" and thank you to "MSN.com" for finding and listing our new website with a search for "PGOA Knox PA" in their "SEARCH" box.  Hopefully, Google and Yahoo will follow suit shortly, as we have registered with them as well.  CWE (web designer/keeper)


I have also been asked to inform those of you who ever used the fomer forum page of www.pgoa.proboards57.com , that this forum is "broken," but it has been changed to www.pgoa.proboards.com  Thank You!





Below is a photo of a few of our Third Prize winning entry in the Corsica 4th of July parade (there were well-over 100 units in this parade).  Walking behind our truck, carrying his Gadsen Flag was Bob "Johnnie Ringo" Hartzell: 


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